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Flex recording source to generate wav audio files

space:nowrap;">A very simple flex recording function, recording is finished, generate wav audio format files...

bpsk ofdm comm tool box 32

pos="0|101" right-pos="0|101" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">用瑞利多径信道BPSK调制和ofdm-bpsk误码rateperformance M.迪维亚。国际工程和先进的技术(ijeat)...

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Flex 3 Multi pages implementation

This is sample search engine, this source code requires setup of Adobe flex3, this sample application will help beginner to start hands on practice on Flex 3. This is example of invoking search service of flicker site through native application, once you run this application you will be able t...

php large file upload tool NTKO

family:'Microsoft YaHei';LINE-HEIGHT: 22px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; WHITE-SPACE: normal">NTKO大文件上传控件,采用多线程技术,提供专业的大文件上传解决方案。可以轻松迅速的将几百M甚至2G以下的文件上传到WEB服务器,并支持断点续传上载。上...


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