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Flash3d examples

A by ActionScript3.0 flash3D effect, you can implement any drag the rotation of the shaft, you can use mouse wheel to zoom in and out....

RPG Flash game engine

Application backgroundAn engine for the development of flash game, the map and the basic block of the block and other algorithms. Add the efficient path search algorithm, the engine has a complete program architecture, set aside a large interface, can be very easy to expand and upgrade, all resource...

Query system of Shanghai subway

Code written for the Flash environment using action script 3 Shanghai Metro system. Query information about each site, each line; Switch supports both Chinese and English; Support fast search site location; Available through the d algorithm computes the shortest path between...


Application backgroundgdfgdfssgsafxfafaxdf jflksdj f     hfkjd fdkh fkjldf dsf  lldfjsldfulsdkhf  fdshgf\sdhgfsd    hdgfdj fgd                       hgdfg\dhfg sdhf               &...


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