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More detailed GEP/GA/GP version of Lisp

More detailed GEP, GP, GA version of Lisp. Process and GA processes of GEP algorithm is very similar to the GEP object can be a single gene or multiple genes of chromosome (genetic groups). Gene formed from linear, fixed-length strings....

Lisp language using Delaunay Triangulation method of earthwork

This procedure is written in Lisp AutoCAD second development program, including Lisp source code and program testing. This program is suitable for use in secondary development of AutoCAD beginners to learn, code is simpler, functions are also basic functions that are used, and the procedure contain...

lisp utility lib

CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC. Includes:  ■ "guess the animal" game; simple neural net (AI)  ■ autoload function and snarfing autoloads from other files  ■ basic definitions: package and path  ■ base64 encoding and decodi...


This program features: Visual lisp file to show and reverse polyline direction.Description and method of use:Load the VLX file and after that use the command PLDIR to show the polyline direction. With the command POV it is possible to reverse the direction of the polyline. ...


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