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Pure java realize the SNMPv1/v2 agreement, and based on its packaging in order t

Pure java realize the SNMPv1/v2 agreement, and based on its packaging in order to facilitate use....

Beginners-SSH framework, and we learn together

For complete beginners to build a framework for SSH, and very easy to use, there are comments, details. SSH run the principles embodied in this code is the image of, SSH is a very good development framework the framework, greatly reduces the coupling of traditional development and conducive to integ...


Program read Simulation data in the txt file, using cavas to draw the curve....

Bluetooth to receive data, draw the waveform

size:10.5000pt;font-family:'宋体';">关于画图类的几点说明      * SurfaceView 是View的继承类,这个视图里      * 内嵌了一个专门用于绘制的Surface。可以控制这个Surface的格式和尺...

Medicine management system


Gamma Invoicing software platform

Application backgroundGamma software company introduced a complete set of Invoicing software, smooth running, all functions are complete, with the source codeKey TechnologyTechnology: MySQL JavaFunction: Based on the development of cloud enters sells storage system, support multi warehouse, a number...

Ticket booking system is client

oriented and managers to provide a platform for Registration, landing scheduled for refund inquiries and other services...

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