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This is what I wrote it myself, please look at the top! ! Serial on the program,...

This is what I wrote it myself, please look at the top! ! Serial on the program, using java...


use dom2, allows analytic xml, use parser generation, conversion xml, and the use of JDBC to the xml data with interactive database...

Compression device for compression

omputer simulation is used by engineers to test out ideas before actually building expensive machines or putting people in dangerous situations. Simulation is a critical part of the the space program by NASA, for example.For this program, you will create a simulation of a vehicle landing on the moon...

Time to send e-mail application

Application backgroundAfter every day to take the data analysis processing, mail sent to colleagues. Data is taken as the SQL data statement is exported to excel, and then analyze the processing, send e-mail.Key TechnologyJXL for Excel operation, data analysis.Ojdbc for mysqll database connectionMai...

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