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FIM mining spark parallelization (aPriori,p_growth)

Frequent itemset mining algorithm of mining parallel using spark (aPriori algorithm for parallel and parallel algorithm for   fp_growth b). APriori algorithm written by Scala in parallel, parallel fpgrowth written with Java. There may have more functions to make programming content.  ...

C4.5--using the JAVA realization algorithm of decision tree

C4.5 is a series of classification problems in machine learning and data mining algorithms. Its goal is to monitor: given a set of data, where each tuple is a set of attribute values are used to describe each tuple is a mutually exclusive category of some kind. C4.5 's goal was to learn, find a mapp...

K-Means algorithms MapReduce

public class KmeansMapper extends MapReduceBase implements Mapper<LongWritable, Text, IntWritable, DoubleArrayWritable> { // one coodinate(data) private List<DoubleWritable> coordinate = new ArrayList<DoubleWritable>(); private BasicKMeansTool basicKmeans = new BasicKMeans...

CipherText Attribute Based Encryption

The project is based on safely sharing the information  based on CPABE technique.Here the encryption is based on AES and key management is done by using CPABE technique....


Bateoushi Filter Design (3.8mA), according to the design parameters, designed to meet the requirements of filters, and to provide diagram...

AES Algorithm

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001.[4] It is based on the Rijndael cipher[5] developed by two Belg...

Bluetooth Attendance System

Overview : Currently in institutes the attendance system is totally manual where faculty has to take attendance on register or page. This activity takes lot of time and efforts and still is not reliable. Registers and pages and be lost and multiple copies is very hard to keep. So...

Deep Learning algorithm

Deep Learning algorithms, including several commonly used, such as automatic encoding (AutoEncoder), sparse coding (Sparse AutoEncoder), limiting Bohr AIDS Mount Ebal (RBM) and other related algorithms. Including versions C,C++,Java,Python, and the Scala language implementation. You can download the...

Genetic Algorithm Code

Attached file is for GA code implemented by Java language. This is a nice practice for genetic algorithm. Please refer to the original webpage-link for further information or questions....

Algorithm for traveling salesman problem

Vehicle routing problem with time Windows (Vehicle Routing Problem with TimeWindows, VRPTW) is the core of logistics management – distribution vehicle schedulingAbstract, which is based on the VRP derivative of added time Windows,VRPTW can be described as: making users vehicles set out from the si...

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