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Bluetooth Attendance System

Overview : Currently in institutes the attendance system is totally manual where faculty has to take attendance on register or page. This activity takes lot of time and efforts and still is not reliable. Registers and pages and be lost and multiple copies is very hard to keep. So...

8 Puzzle solving using BFS in Java

This is the implementation of breadth first search and 8 puzzle algorithm in solving the 8 puzzle game. the language used is java, the comments in the code will help with the rest!...

Deep Learning algorithm

Deep Learning algorithms, including several commonly used, such as automatic encoding (AutoEncoder), sparse coding (Sparse AutoEncoder), limiting Bohr AIDS Mount Ebal (RBM) and other related algorithms. Including versions C,C++,Java,Python, and the Scala language implementation. You can download the...

Genetic Algorithm Code

Attached file is for GA code implemented by Java language. This is a nice practice for genetic algorithm. Please refer to the original webpage-link for further information or questions....

Java implementation of GN algorithm

GN JAVA implementation of the algorithm, you need to install the Graphviz2.38 can directly generate images, if not, please modify the code accordingly....

Fudan University the development of natural language processing

FNLP was mainly developed for Chinese natural language processing toolkits, including machine learning algorithms in order to achieve these tasks and data sets. This kit contains a DataSet use LGPL3.0 license. Function as follows:        information retrieval: Clustering in Chine...

Adaboost algorithm example

Combining two classification, adaboost algorithm for realization of the most fundamental examples of this algorithm is suitable for initial learning children's shoes...

Job Shop Scheduling Prolem Using Dynamic Programming

Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using Dynamic Programming Programmed with Object Oriented Approach to solve this problem. Allow configurable number of lines & stations (per line)....

Two phase locking simulation Java language

Through a lock-based concurrency control system simulation to master two simple concurrency control locking protocol and system construction of understanding resulting from concurrent access can not be serialized and how to ensure Serialization technology, simulation database using the Java language...

Based on Apriori, Eclat and FP-growth algorithm for frequent pattern mining from source code

Correlation analysis of Apriori and Eclat and FP-growth algorithm for frequent pattern mining JAVA and C++ implementation. Three algorithms of integrity of the source code, source files, PPT, test data and output examples, including Apriori, three Eclat and FP-growth algorithm for frequent pattern m...

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