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The generation of complex networks, degree and clustering coefficient, as well as other research....

Dynamic feedback control algorithm

Using ARIMA model and generalized predictive control to predict the feedback, combining the ARIMA model with periodic forecast and generalized predictive control to forecast the real-time characteristic, improve the short-term forecast precision....

Huffman coding

Huffman coding is a data compression technology, using a binary tree and two priority queue data structure. Its philosophy is that recoding data per character, the length of the cord and its frequency is inversely related, there is a number of shorter character encoding. So as to achieve the purpose...

histogram analysis

image histogram-histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of data. It is an estimate of the probability distribution of a continuous variable and was first introduced by Karl Pearson.[1] A histogram is a representation of tabulated frequencies, shown as adjacent rectangles, erected...

Simple calculator

Java programming based on compiler theory, you can first create a new Java program in Eclipse, use JavaCC for compiling, very simple program, hope for all of us, it took quite a long time...

Java Application for contrat enhancement

JAVA application source code for image processing ( contrast enhancement with histogram equalization and reframing ....) without using predefined functions ...

Attribute based encryption cipher text policy

Application backgroundThe source code is forked version of a cipher text policy attribute based set encryption that tries to encrypt data to a cloud server to enhance data security.Key TechnologyThe key technology lies in the ciphertext policy encrypting algorithm which borrows from ASE algorithm...

The realization of clock and watch JAVA, to design a belong to your clock interface

The process can realize the clock running, has the basic functions, you can get the current time, you can just in time. This is the watch I belong to you. You could set a clock face you like, completely personalized. Is one of the Java beginner on-the-job training program....

Cultural genes traveling salesman problem

Pablo Moscato in 1989 first proposed the concept of memetic algorithm. Memetic term meme comes from its homophonic translation lot, according to the intention of the proposed Dawkins, should be understood as "cultural gene", so the Memetic algorithm called cultural genetic algorithms. Cult...

Huffman compression

Huffman algorithm used to compress the text documentInstructions for use: 1. Compression of text documents, from the start page click on "compressed" into file compression page, select the original file and determine the compressed file after the Save directory, click on "start compre...

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