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used to achieve a solution to the problem of sleep Barber code...

Operating system Clock algorithm Java implementation

Operating System Clock algorithm implemented in Java, consists of three files:, job wrapper classes., realize Clock algorithm., main. Series is not very good, but clearly understood, for your reference....


Microsoft examinations detailed explanation of the calendar year analytic questions, as examples. Microsoft's certification test to see ah!...

J2ME是Java 2平台的一个版本,使用在各种各样的消费电子产品和嵌入式设备上。Java Card技术规范得Java应用能运行在智能卡和更小的嵌入式设备上。本...

J2ME Java 2 Platform, a version of used in a wide range of consumer electronic products and embedded devices. Java Card specifications in Java applications can run on smart cards and small embedded devices. This paper introduces J2ME and Java Card hardware platforms and software architecture, and ho...


Abstract : J2ME is Sun's new products for embedded Java, currently on the market just released J2ME tool development using mobile phones and PDAs, This paper describes the features of the J2ME and technology, analysis of the J2ME future use J2ME and the current development of future information...


simulation of the operating system stored procedure...


operating system simulation technology spooling...


simulated the process of operating system calls...


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