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The hospital management information system

Weifang hospital management information system. This system is written in Java language, involves the programming tools for Eclipse, the database uses is MySql. Below I will describe in detail the overall set. This system is used in c/s mode, the interface is simple and intuitive and easy to...

Android smart home APK

Source codeAndroid 4.0 operating environmentOpen home automation bus (openHAB) project aims to provide a common integration platform for home automation everything around. This is a pure Java solution, entirely based on OSGi. Equinox OSGi runtime and Jetty Web server as the basis for establishing th...

Packet filtering firewall

The firewall packet filtering firewall functions are simulated and analyzed data to be able to pass, if it meets the requirements of the data will be displayed, if not complying with the rules does not appear, the rule is that you can define yourself....

hospital management system

Hospital Management System (Java + MS Access) This project is written by me using java IDE Netbeans 7.3.1 and MS Access 2010 as Back end for thesis Submission of the Engineering students in java. This project is very helpful for the beginners who wanna learn database programming in java........

Dormitory management system

           Software name : Taoyuan dormitory management system With the advancement of technology, management, communications and other areas of information continue to mature. While the enterprise is constantly growing demand for information, computer and networ...

Hospital Management System

Manages Hospital clients records and staff records with the facilities in the hospital using mysql database and Java GUI built using netbeans 8.0...

Java Swing project

This is a manual java swing project, suitable for a preliminary study. Which relate to the use of the basic  components of java swing, the pure hand code, code style is good. The interface is beautiful, with a  demonstration of PPT....

High imitation iQIYI Android client interface

Very suitable for Android beginners, plain interface. Home, category, search, my information, more interfaces, imitating fantastic art full set of UI, interface layout design material....

GUI IDS snort

a GUI for an intrusion detection system SNORT, an interface which helps to show s statictics for intrusions...

History of the most sophisticated APP login interface

Application backgroundThis is the history of the most sophisticated APP login interface, this source code can help beginners to develop UI APP interface to provide the necessary knowledge and skills...


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