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play_mp3 files

sorse code + library let you learn how to play mp3 file+wavf ile and ather type of music using java and library called jlayer  ...

Made by JAVA image viewer

Made by JAVA image viewer, open the menu. Interface is simple and elegant is a type code, welcome to download the learning exchanges....

Submarine based on Java game source code

Game source code Java-based submarines, can learn to swing programming, threads of time control on the PC, use the Java development framework for a small PC casual games, game strategy ......

ZK training demo

Complete learn ZK component demo, containing ZK Java background data interactively, ZK of the company developed by God to write to a colleague to learn how to use, I personally think is rare ZK learners learning materials, suitable for ZK Developer's system....

Automatic frame

Application backgroundRecord the script and execute the test separately from the shell script.Key TechnologyUse swing Java technology, as possible a clear interface for the design. Use JXL technology to operate trread, through the use of thread excel, so the thread running and multi task execution,...

Development platform for the development platform of Poly

Application backgroundDevelopment platform for the development platform of PolyNET network moduleTextMessagePostDescription: the POST way to send text data to a URL format, and get the results returnedURLGKey TechnologyCrypto module (encryption and decryption and encoding module)URLEncodingNote: on...

ImageLoader image cache network download

Application backgroundDownload pictures from the network, the use of ImagelLoader to deal with it, you can set the angle of the ellipse, compressed images, encryption, you can achieve double buffer, in order to prevent memory overflow...

Apriori GUI

Presents you with a Graphical User Interface and scans documents in a text file and finds and  frequently know Item sets from the GUI.  ...


// calc-ui-model/ -- Fred Swartz//     Level     : Intermediate.//     Structure : Three files: main, GUI (subclass of JFrame), logic.//     Components: JButton, JTextField (right justified).//   ...

Single version of Backgammon

Has the certain reference value Gobang stand-alone version, the network version of unity, the network version of the Single Battle, which can accommodate multiple-line...


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