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Parking system for university

1)language is java 2)parking system for university 3)you are able to know that this car is registered or not 4)you can search car by registration number 5)if car is not registered message will be displayed that car is not registered 6)you can modify record only by Admin...

questionaire millionaire game

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">这是一个游戏,使用多维数组和拆分和随机播放功能应用。你的问题,每次对了,你继续下一个。如果你超过 弄错了,它的游戏。有一个50/50的规则,使您可以从两个可能的答案曾经在一场比赛中进行...

Plain text converter(BOLD or ITALIC)

family:Comic Sans MS;">style and size....

Student Manager

source  Student Manager with database SQl server. ext type image...

Student record

The project is a implementation in java for student record in a mdb database.Inserting and selecting records about students in a database....

Android mobile phone footage


Random Triangles

space:nowrap;">Show how to place a graphics panel in a frame and have it controlled using a control panel rather than console input....

Fabrication of two-dimensional table

Form important components of the Swing, in the form of a two-dimensional table to liquidate, based on MVC ideas. Best type objects that represent the data into MyTable, inheriting this class AbstractTableModel class....

castle battles with the enemies game

Nice castle game to destroy the enemies with the ball shooting. Try to download this game and enjoy that....

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