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Parking system for university

1)language is java 2)parking system for university 3)you are able to know that this car is registered or not 4)you can search car by registration number 5)if car is not registered message will be displayed that car is not registered 6)you can modify record only by Admin...

questionaire millionaire game

This is a game that use multidimensional array and the split and shuffle function are applied. Every time you get the question right,  you proceed to the next one. If you get it wrong, its game over. There is a 50/50 rule that enables you to choose from two possible answers once in a game....

Game change key

Support: letters, numbers, F1 ~ F12, SHIFT \ CTRL \ ALT \ TAB, keypad and other keys to switch between....

Android application login

Simple Android application system log copying log on QQ for beginners to learn....

Submarine based on Java game source code

Game source code Java-based submarines, can learn to swing programming, threads of time control on the PC, use the Java development framework for a small PC casual games, game strategy ......

Flex+Java implementation downloads

>  <html>    <head>      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"/>      &l...

Android messaging

With the advent of mobile Internet and cloud computing technology in the public eye, the existing desktop busQuery system can no longer meet the needs of users in mobile access to transit information, greatly impeding the publicDevelopment of the traffic. Develop a public traffic query system based...

Animation effect control development

Application backgroundUI Android animation design of the source code, this source is mainly introduced UI Android animation design methods and related knowledge points, for scale, alpha, translate, rotate activity and other animation controls to do a detailed introduction and use of instructions, ca...

Real time teaching evaluation system interface

Application backgroundThis project is an application software based on Android platform, the use of social opportunity network to collect information, and then to analyze these information, and finally returned to the teachers, the response. The main purpose is to realize teaching interaction betwee...

Plain text converter(BOLD or ITALIC)

a GUI project that converts plain text into bold or italic . and also changes font style and size....

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