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bonding+visual prove.

trying to show visually while trying to do bonding over eth.. with udp packets and eth header.what is eth header?Ethernet frame starts following a 7-octet preamble and 1-octet start frame delimiter (SFD), both of which are part of the Ethernet packet enveloping the frame.[c] Prior to Fast Ethernet,...

Socket client serveur

Programme client serveur en utilisant les sockets en langage C , sur linux .Communication entre processus : un client,l’autre serveur,qui coopèrent.Cette coopération s’effectue sous la forme d’un transfert de fichier du serveur vers le c...

Classic instance of Android


FTP SSH for cryptography

programming with java with cryptography AES 256 and also rijdael algorithma with more development with many fuction...

Android sudoku game

you are already aware of the term  "Sudoku" which is a kind of puzzel game which should run on only android platform.... :)...


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