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Paint Java implementation is powerful

Java implementation of paint, very powerful, feature more powerful, supports zoom, move, rotate, save the file and import has good graphics files, supports the rubber plug features support to draw a straight line, circle, ellipse, rectangle, a freeform graphics, screen appearance, easy operation, yo...

Realization of advanced image de fog algorithm

The fog procedure based on dark channel prior image dehazing algorithm, the algorithm based on the paper of Microsoft Asia Research Institute he Kaiming, the single image haze removal using dark channel prior ", with relatively good image dehazing effect....

Processing capture human skeleton

Application backgroundVarious images of the Kinect2 camera are captured by processing. However, before using the need to install Sdk kinect2, but also to install Dix11 above. Otherwise unable to run....

JAVA image processing

Here is a short program slightly modified for testing, a simple interface, you can load images, modify  images, binary processing...

Graphics map program java

Application backgroundThis is a classic graphics map algorithm, with the resources of foreign comparison of the classic picture: nefertiti.png. Java development;This program started with an explanation for using the  javax.imageio  package, to load images from an external image format into...

Map data visualization

Application backgroundFor novice processing programmers (hair vnfjdvndlknccnnnjkkdhfdsscn women to the east of the consideration to buy strawberry vcvvvcbnfgkrtgf ahKey TechnologyUsing java to write a function to identify the city (but the woman's home is quick to come to a woman's health vnxcnsdffd...


图像的预处理 运用了使图像变得平滑的一般处理 即对高斯函数的卷积操作 高斯函数在图像处理中用作预平滑核 这样可以将图片背景模糊化 同时锐化图像...


From acquired streaming video with ffmpeg, and 5 minutes to generate a file...


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