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Can quickly achieve matching SURF code, useful for beginners

Application backgroundWith detailed instructions and examples, can quickly achieve SURF stereo matching, for beginners to learn SURF is very useful.Key TechnologyQuickly detect feature points, and calculate the main direction of these characteristics, and then generate a feature representation, and...

code of an egress router for a mail management system

code of an egress router for a mail management system...

JS script based on a simulated city, fully graphical, each player has its own ro...

JS script based on a simulated city, fully graphical, each player has its own role there are a group chat, private chat, general expression, magic expression, TV room and other functions is just another PK test, built-in method of operation of several scenarios : mouse click scenes role in the movem...

简单的聊天室客户端JAVA程序源码 在J2EE下运行

simple chat room client source code in JAVA program running under J2EE...

A very good BP neural network

Very good BP neural network program, took pains to find, please people, review, thank you....

2014 mathematical modeling B automatic drawing code

MATLAB 2014 b problems of mathematical modeling on the bench dynamic image based on MATLAB Inking the edges using a line function, Use the patch function across the paint, Also, the axes are transparent, To achieve the best results, Use the pause function for image delay, You can scroll the view in...

Snake code

Using matlab to Snake game programming source code, detailed content, easy to understand for beginners to practice to learn, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of people,...

Openga to solve the multi objective problem

Application background該OpenGA是一個可調用Java組件,並在  GNU / GPL  許可證。的OpenGA適用於任何問題類型,及部件是能夠解決組合的問題,在連續的問題。此外,OpenGA還可以擴展到解決多目標問題。因此,它創建了一個平台,...


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