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MM1 queue simulation

Realization of M / M / 1 queuing system unlimited single-window system simulation, using event scheduling method to achieve a discrete event system simulation, and statistical average queue length and average waiting time equivalent to the results were compared with the theoretical analysis.M / M /...

hospital management in java

this is a mini java project is easy to understand and looking very attractive to students. the project report and the synopsis is also included in this file. hope it will help of luck...

Sistem informasi penjualan

Kebanyakan penjual tidak memiliki manajemen yang baik. Mereka masih menggunakan sistem pencatatan manual sehingga sangat tidak efektif. Ada banyak masalah yang menjadikan banyak kesempatan untuk membuat aplikasi terkomputerisasi. Sehingga diharapkan penjualan yang menggunakan aplikasi ini bisa le...

Java connection MySQL

Application background database connection in java  with MYSQL using  netbeans ,note:here student database had already been created in mysql usename for mysql is root Key Technology mysql connector.jar file is available from website netbeans  ide ...

SQL connection Java

Application backgroundTHIS CODE CAN BE USED FOR MAKE CONNECTION WITH A SQL DATABASE USING JAVA! YOU JUST NEED TO REPLACE THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ADRESS OF DATABASE , USERNAME AND PASS.Key TechnologyThis code can be used for make database connections using java aplication and sql server. Its show n...

The data generated xml format

When in the dock with the other systems do, some customers will require data format XML files. Change program is to read data from an Oracle database according to the required format format generated XML file in the disk location. Build fat jar project execution....

Reservation systems

Train tickets management is the fundamental task of the system by implementing a ticketing information management, in order to enhance efficiency. The best technique is to realize computer management database technology. We can use the database to make the ticket at the train station in computer, th...


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