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Image recognition and processing

family:'Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif';color:#333333;">...

LDA model using Gibbs sampling for image annotation

size:16px;">Using the LDA model, using Gibbs sampling, image tagging keywords, user tag for image annotation using multi-mode discovered latent semantic topic for image annotation...

Simple graphical interface picture viewer, suitable for beginners

Themselves while learning side of the series, there are zoom Restore feature graphic pictures of the browser interface, suitable for beginners to continue to develop improved....

frame extraction



enhancement. Some naturalenhancement algorithms based on Retinex theory areproposed to enhance details with the naturalnesspreserved. However, these algorithms are not suitablefor non-uniform illumination images. Therefore, theypropose a naturalness preserved enhancementalgorithm for non-uniform ill...

Face Detection using OpenCV

family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, 'Segoe UI', Arial, freesans, sans-serif;font-size:16px;color:#333333;line-height:25.6000003814697px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Real time Face Detection using OpenCV with JavaSee this video to know how to use and develop this code : th...

Medical images

This is the project which detect bank notes, the user will input image and the system will specify which money has been inputted to the system...

Harris Corner Detector

This software is used to find the corner for any input image using Harris Corner Detector algorithm.The Harris Corner Detector is a mathematical operator that finds features in an image. It is simple to compute, and is fast enough to work on computers. Also, it is popular because it is rotation, sca...

java client server project written in java with image processing functions and parallel programming speed up

space:normal;">java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack...

Image Processing Filter

This is a source code for boxing filter, median filter and lapicican filter coding by java. Hope u will like it....


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