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BP neural network learning machine demonstration

Application backgroundNeural network is constructed by simulating human's neuron activity. Its basic unit is called "neuron", when the input is greater than a certain value, the neuron is excited, and the output is not responsive. And this input comes from all other neurons. The neuron's response fu...

frame extraction

this project divides an input video to its corresponding can surf among each frame is compiled using processing...

Code QR encoding and decoding

Application backgroundProcessing of gray edge in digital image processing1 grasp the concept and principle of various edge detection operator.2 to master the algorithm of edge detection operator.3 use java to grasp the two-dimensional code of encoding and decoding technology4 inspire students to ima...

Inpainting Image

Application backgroundThis is a code for image restoration, want to learn this aspect can download learning, combined with the content of C/C++, it is worth learning, welcome to exchange,I wish you a happy life....

java client server project written in java with image processing functions and parallel programming speed up

java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore....

Android WIN8 magnet-like effect

Android WIN8 magnet-like effect, was code for the problem, double-click the button to enlarge a picture, and two incidents. Yourself both Bug fixes and changed a magnet spelling errors in code, easy to add some custom message code reading....


asdasdakjsdhlajsdlnhajsdlajslkjadsndauhsiduhaosiudhasiudhoaiusdhoauishdoiuashdiuaashdihausiduhaisuhdiaushdiuash u208908723987sdu hasuydgas7 9a7s6 9a7sd987 asbd987asdouahsd078as9 78as9 87 auh jahsbkdhabs kdhba kshdb ajhb kjabhs iuyagsdiyas 98a7s 9a7 07asodadoabhs habs ...

Canny edge detection, Gaussian

Step1: smoothing with Gaussian filter image; Step2: used to calculate the first order partial derivative of a finite-difference gradient amplitude and direction; Step3: the gradient magnitude for non-Maxima suppression; Step4: connected with the detection and dual-threshold algorithm edges....

How to Establish a Different Picture of the Android Camera by Image Processing (Gray and Comic)?

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Mr. Lai Tai-Yu@CodeProject Sometimes, we just find it fun to take a picture. Let’s take a different funny picture. We can develop by ourselves. To design gray and comic style picture, it is not hard. You just need to own an Android phone and you can establi...


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