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Image recognition and processing

Image recognition and processing code, documentation, you can directly copy and paste from the input to the preprocessing a comment into the output very detailed program code...

LDA model using Gibbs sampling for image annotation

Using the LDA model, using Gibbs sampling, image tagging keywords, user tag for image annotation using multi-mode discovered latent semantic topic for image annotation...


Android video recording, imitating the microview support recording is pressed, lift a moratorium. Progress bar display breakpoints. Video recording exists of problem: 1. how gets camera of data 2. how put gets to of data Save to video file in the 3. how recording audio, and and video merged 4. recor...

BP neural network learning machine demonstration

Application backgroundNeural network is constructed by simulating human's neuron activity. Its basic unit is called "neuron", when the input is greater than a certain value, the neuron is excited, and the output is not responsive. And this input comes from all other neurons. The neuron's response fu...

Android encoding and decoding H264

Application backgroundAndroid coding and decoding of H264, native API calls codec H264, 1080p, and UDP send to VLC, you can watch in real time, system requirements 4.2 above, red fan test can be reached 720pKey TechnologyAndroid coding and decoding of H264, including h264 encode decode system API is...

Baidu cloud upload

Application backgroundBaidu's mobile phone use their own cloud account to upload pictures on Baidu cloud, 1, you can get Baidu cloud account information. 2, upload pictures on this account. 3, can be verified in the presence of the PC side of the picture....

Simple graphical interface picture viewer, suitable for beginners

Themselves while learning side of the series, there are zoom Restore feature graphic pictures of the browser interface, suitable for beginners to continue to develop improved....

frame extraction

this project divides an input video to its corresponding can surf among each frame is compiled using processing...


naturalness preservation for image enhancement asfollows. The ambience of the image should not bechanged greatly after enhancement, no light sourceshould be introduced to the scene, no halo effectshould be added and no blocking effect should beamplified due to over-enhancement. Some naturalenhanceme...


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