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Naive Bayesian classifier

Application background Naïve Bayes Classifier: The Naive Bayes classifier is a probabilistic classifier. We compute the probability of a document d being in a class c as follows:  P(c|d) ∝ P(c) Y 1≤k≤nd P(tk |c) nd is the length of the document. (number of to...

Java dictionary coding

Java dictionary coding: very small very practical; Double-click the Jar file to run, and then watch out more than two files under the folder: encoding streaming file and decode the file, respectively. Another will pop up a message box displays the compression ratio....

File upload SmartUpload

Application backgroundThis code is based on Oracle database file upload function, to achieve the employee information function, because the employee information pictures show the functional requirements, through the file upload function to achieve information input function. The code contains a SQL...


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