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Secondary trading of campus network

size:16px;">    这样一个系统,从根本上解决了传统的校园二手信息发布交流方式的弊端,使得校园各种二手商品信息得到了有效的整合,方便了广大用户。且拥有的客户通常只是大学校园网的用户,所有系统规模上来...

Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system developed with JAVA, the basic realization of the storage management requirements, hope to be helpful...

open wms - Data Warehousing, Enterprise

size:16px;"> 是一个模块化仓库管理系统,分为核心项目,tms 模块和 wms 模块运行在 OSGi 环境,以确保高可用性和可维护性...

Online bookstores, ESHOP

commerce site, for online book trade.The bookstore Web site is a quality, faster, and more convenient way to buy books. Online Bookstore can be used for the online sale of books, CD, DVD, online sales. Bookstore for books and Web site management to further rationalize, and information technology. Bo...

SSH framework integration

indent:10.5pt;"> 基于Struts2.0+ hibernate +spring +JSP + JavaScript框架整合的web应用程序。项目主要采用SSH+ Oracle完成后台管理部分。 网站分为前台显示页面和后台网站管理两大部分,前台主要包括产品的显示、订单的提交、客户留...

Easyui write the administrative permission system

size:14px;">Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

A simple program based on SSH framework source code

This resource was produced in its own simple deletions to find out a spring-based framework MVC,spring, contains the database scripts. From which you can clearly see how to write a Spring MVC, more suitable for beginners...

Java implementation of OA Office system, email management module

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">OA办公系统-邮件管理模块是一个小型的练习项目,运用java开发语言,MyEclipse 6.5开发工具,MySQL数据库。 实现的功能是:对收件箱和发件箱中的邮件进行查询,删除,查看邮件详情和更改邮件已读/未读...

JForum--Java forum open source code

JForum is an open source Java Forum, the source code for learning Java EE and Java Web development is of great value....

JavaWeb Enterprise Portal Web site source code description, download available

indent:21.0pt;"> Enterprise Portal meets the enterprise through Web site front display enterprise software products, providing customers with solutions to problems require. Through the establishment of a Web site, better communication between enterprises and customers, enable the enterprise to und...


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