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Hospital drug management system

B/S model of hospital drug management system that can be used for small hospitals and drug management. Using Struts techniques, using MVC ideas in all three tiers, meets software engineering systems design ideas....

Billing Software Source Code

Billing Software in Javait contains the following modules,Items ManagementCustomers ManagementStock ManagementBilling ManagementPurchase ManagementStore ManagementInventory Management...

Vending Machine

It is a software that simulates the proces of ATM that sell food and drinks to people that put coins in the ATM....

Electricity billing project

Application background Power Billing System   Objective: The objective of this application is the development of Electronic Billing System. It is a web-based application which aids the clients and staff members of A.P.S.E.B for dealing with transactions over the internet...

Family financial management system source code

Application backgroundThis is a set of with abundant resources of family financial software code, which is divided into various modules, inside the function is relatively complete, readers can download study, I believe that the reader is a tremendous help, readers can download the look of their own...

Movement simulator for mobility prediction

This is the activity model simulator based on the work carried out by planning organizations and uses statistics drawn from five years surveys on users’ displacements. It simulates a set of users’ displacements during a number of days. Generated displacements are based on each user’s ac...

Online Banking System(Java software)

this project is a java project fpr a bank system. the idea is that a user register if they are not already registered. When the app is run, you wll be brouht to a logon page, If the user is not registered, there is a reister button, which will redirect the user to a registration page. whil...

ATM machine software

This source illustrate how ATM machine work. That is very useful for beginner who study java language. The software consists of many java class. You can use it for leaning, studying or development your own software...

Facebook source code written in the framework of using SSH (the examples come from Han Shunping teacher knocking in class source code)

This is a Facebook application that uses Spring+Struts+Hibernate framework development, implement student login, as well as related information displays, and many other features. This program is Han Shunping class when the teacher explaining the framework of SSH knowledge code for example, knowledge...


Application backgroundTransport Simulations Agent-BasedMatsim provides a framework to implement an agent-based transport simulations. the framework consists of which had severel modules can be combined or used stand-alone. modules can be replaced by own implementations to test single aspects of your...


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