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Movement simulator for mobility prediction

This is the activity model simulator based on the work carried out by planning organizations and uses statistics drawn from five years surveys on users’ displacements. It simulates a set of users’ displacements during a number of days. Generated displacements are based on each user’s ac...

Online Banking System(Java software)

size:16px;">这个项目是 java 项目 fpr 银行系统。这个想法是用户注册,如果尚未注册。当应用程序运行时,你会为何来到一个登录页面,如果没有注册用户,那里是一个 reister 按钮,会将用户重定向到一个注册页。虽然用户注册,r...

ATM machine software

size:16px;">此源说明自动取款机是如何工作的。这是非常有用的学习 java 语言的初学者。本软件包含很多的 java 类。你可以使用它为学习、 研究或开发您自己的软件...


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