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Library management system

Realized with Java + MySQL library management system, can be directly imported into the project running, very helpful for learning Java development....

An elevator simulation source

This is a simulation of elevator running Java programs, everything including interface is written in Java, and interested friends can take a look...

Snake source

Snake code implementation, suitable for beginners. Snake code implementation, suitable for beginners. Snake code implementation, suitable for beginners....

Creating a web service using eclipse for calculating result of student

This project contains the WEB SERVICE project generated through eclipse . there is an implementation of web service which will service the request of calculating the academic result of a student. and client who performs the operation of requesting the server. this is an acad...

Example code for log4j

Example code for log4j log tool and configuration details....

Centroid of ConvexHull

1.    This program gets some points coordinate as input. Input File Format: Line 1: Number of points Other Lines: x y  2.    Then it computes the convex hull using Graham scan algorithm. ...


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