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Android photo browser

With dozens of image rendering/image filter effects, including pixel-level rendering, or cast a special mask effects to images. Disadvantage is the rendering speed is not very good, needs further improvement....

android system buletooth transfer source code

Android based on Bluetooth file transfer applet, includes WIFI features such as searching, connecting, testing, writing specifications, and chat messages transmitted using UDP protocol, file transfer using the TCP protocol  ...

Android music player

In the process of learning the Android, you need to practice, this simple music player, simple music player can be implemented by writing code, practice knowledge of Android, including service, Contentprovider,activity and other important information....

NFC Type 2 Tag scheduler

Future NFC type 2 tag operation, provide the raw data read, write and debate show UID, the design delay Userboxes/Time, and distance can be custom actions, fast way to let the hand Reader 續 Agape Xie tag information in scheduled work, and right in line with this wish the tag NT IO interface or com...

android simply embarrassing one hundred

Custom listview for displaying embarrassing one hundred data network using asynchronous data loading tasks using json parse parse the data obtained...

Bluetooth 4.0 high-value realization

Implements Bluetooth automatically open, disconnected, the device is connected and off.The source code to run in android4.0 above, this source is what I do when the use of smart devices, can be a good run....

Scanned images on the picture to read the text message

Scan pictures read the text on the picture information, directly extract the imported project can. By choice or photo to read out the information in the picture....

Android entry classic text code

Application backgroundThis code file contains the "Android entry" 2-10 chapter of the source code, code name and Book correspondence, suitable for beginners to learn Android, there is no code error. Specific content includes how to write a APP Android file, Android development component, Android pro...

android launcher

自己写的一个最简单的android launcher,可以在eclipse上面测试一下,还可以进行修改让这个launcher成为唯一的launcher,代码比较简单,易懂。...

Weather forecast

Weather forecasts, similar to ink the weather forecasts of the weather app! Code structure is worth learning!...

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