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Spellathon code

Create an app for the puzzle game “SPELLATHON”.Spellathon is a quiz game where you are given a fixed alphabet and some variable alphabets. Your task is to make words using the given alphabet where the fixed alphabet has to be included in all your words.To have to make a game Spellathon where you...

Online exam system source code

Online exam system source code JSP +Servlet +MySQL Action actionForm DAO...

Android indoor positioning

family:Tahoma, 'Microsoft Yahei', Simsun;color:#444444;font-size:14px;line-height:21px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">利用室内环境中的Wi-Fi无线接入点(AP)的信号强度与物理位置直接或间接的映射关系,使用装有Android操作系统的智能手机作为...

Android project to search near by locations like ATM, hospitals and restaurants etc

It is a Android application which does the many following features of map and you can search any near by places like hotel, atm (Automatic teller Machines), restaurant  and hospitals etc. The uploaded project file contains the awk file so that you can see demo in your Android...

Written by JAVA CRM system (graduated from Beida postgraduate training in JAVA design)


Theater management system

JSP online cinema management system (document, Bernal, graduation theses, programs, source code)User login, online seat selection and other functions, view theater ticket information, administrators to add, remove, and modify ticket information. User after selecting the movie tickets, add to cart to...

Small library management system (Java+access)

Is simple of small books management system, contains increased, and by deleting, and modified, and check, some basic function, entered main interface zhiqian has user login to entered, code can directly run, not needs increased any things, operation very simple, if wants to increased some other of f...

F5 information steganography

Very useful F5 steganography Java source code. On information steganography in JPEG format, the algorithm executes directly under the DOS environment, you need to have some Java programming fundamentals....


extjs  ssh  jbpm 开源代码。开发OA办公系统的源码,功能包含个人办公,企业共享,消息管理,个人办公,流程控制,员工管理。......

Car rental

Implement admin login, after logging changes to the personal information of customer information management, add, delete, modify, car search, view, add, delete, modify, car rental management, auto expiry management....

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