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Academic Course Scheduling System design and development

Academic Course Scheduling Java System Design and Development。Suitable to make the graduation project...

Beginners-SSH framework, and we learn together

For complete beginners to build a framework for SSH, and very easy to use, there are comments, details. SSH run the principles embodied in this code is the image of, SSH is a very good development framework the framework, greatly reduces the coupling of traditional development and conducive to integ...


Program read Simulation data in the txt file, using cavas to draw the curve....

Bluetooth to receive data, draw the waveform

Several notes on drawing class * SurfaceView is a View of an inherited class, in this view * Have a special embedded used to paint the Surface. Can control the Surface format and size. * SurfaceView control Surface drawing position. * Process: inherited SurfaceView an...

Medicine management system

The management system provides administrators with a simple and a good platform to manage medicines. Administrator login system, you can set up customer, find, edit, and delete customer information, as well as drug information, as well as management and drug sales....

Gamma Invoicing software platform

Application backgroundGamma software company introduced a complete set of Invoicing software, smooth running, all functions are complete, with the source codeKey TechnologyTechnology: MySQL JavaFunction: Based on the development of cloud enters sells storage system, support multi warehouse, a number...

Java management

Java SSH personnel management system includes personnel management and staff management, also have a badge system interface is relatively simple, there are quite a few bug pure boredom just write...

The MVC pattern dynamic draw circle

(1) when a user in the graphical user interface when you enter the radius of a circle, the program will display the circumference and area of a circle, and draw the circle(2) when a user in the graphical user interface when dragging the ruler said the radius of the circle, it automatically displays...

Chat system based on LAN

This is a simple desktop chat system based on local area network, and is written in Java, related to WindowTextArea,DatagramSocket, DatagramPacket,  to group chat, or you can select the object you want to chat, add a background picture....

Super Java lightning game

Personally developed Java games put you in space mad gorgeous picture games included in Eclipse and clear code that applies to curriculum design learning game development typical of reference! Hope that works for you! Today shared with everyone....

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