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Java LAN Chatting

Chatting via LAN, hanya bisa chatting, belum bisa kirim file. editor : jcreator *tugas matkul mobile programming....

A Android socket chat.

A simple chat client for android, just add the IP and server port that you can now start exchanging messages....

Android the Alice social system source code

Android the Alice social system source code that contains the server-sideAlice a social system is a scenario-based Mobile SNS system, its goal is to develop a new type of Mobile SNS structures. The new structure consists is different from traditional driven Mobile SNS SNS novel user interfaces, as w...

Android application source instant messaging framework to support Internet and intranet services end

This project is a through PC server achieved of Ann Zhuo rates chat communications examples of source, including Android client project source and background service end core code and jar package, PC end background is with Java wrote of, needs understanding service end part of run, because I so intr...

Client Server GUI

Untuk broadcast file dengan waktu yang bisa ditentukan (schedule) *tugas matkul mobile programming milik Endri...

Wechat public platform Java development

After logging app official platform, turn on developer mode, at this time we need to fill in the URL and token, the so-called URL is our own server interfaces, implemented with, the corresponding Web.XML configuration information as follows in the generated at t...

Chat by Sparna

One of the easiest to use chat messangers to be created. This app was created based on the tutor bucky...

Client Side on Chat

code developed through the help of buck tutorials. its the client side of my earlier code on chat by sparna, this one is just the other side...

Sever Client

A client server program with Xammp database connection....Can login to your account and chat with another user who has logged in... It can list the available users who is online....Any changes made is reflected in database...Can view the chat history with other users,.......


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