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Java LAN Chatting

Chatting via LAN, hanya bisa chatting, belum bisa kirim file. editor : jcreator *tugas matkul mobile programming....

A Android socket chat.

A simple chat client for android, just add the IP and server port that you can now start exchanging messages....

Client Server GUI

Untuk broadcast file dengan waktu yang bisa ditentukan (schedule) *tugas matkul mobile programming milik Endri...

Wechat public platform Java development


Chat by Sparna

size:14px;">One of the easiest to use chat messangers to be created. This app was created based on the tutor bucky...

Client Side on Chat

size:14px;">通过的巴克教程帮助开发代码。它是由 sparna 聊天我早些时候的代码的客户端,这个只是另一端。...

Sever Client

size:16px;">Xammp 数据库连接的客户端服务器程序......可以登录到您的帐户和另一个用户登录的聊天......它可以列出的可用的用户是在线的人......所做的任何更改反映在数据库中。可以与其他用户查看聊天历史.........


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