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android and backstage PHP Communications

android and PHP backend communication, connection mysql, android do client, php backing...

Android SQLite application

Operated using Android's SQLite databases, you can implement change search functions are added or removed....

J2ME source PAC-man

Golden bean player Pacman eat controlled by the player, above and below the keyboard left and right arrow keys to control the direction of movement, its mouth opening indicates the current direction of movement, it can advance through the spaces, passes through a golden beans can eat, stopped when i...

Android source

This source helps all beginners Android code: who better to learn about database connections (by editing out) and initial values and parameters related to knowledge and understanding of Android called methods and tricks, and according to the notes about how close connections between the back to the...

Phone Dialer

Modeled on the mobile phone comes with phone dialer, with Android technology, the most important function is to call, do it yourself programming had a dial button, type the dial and successfully ......

Android code learning

Android application development, it needed to first study the code, hope for all of us. Includes basic An Zhuowen box interface, displays the HelloWorld. Including the APK file to install it....

Get Android APK permissions

Get the APK permission to scan system APK, gets the permission of the application and displays. For learning to use this program. Thank you....

Weather forecast

Latest weather forecast and development, has been in the mobile phone testing1, replacing the data interface2 user feedback, new feature3, added the right drawer-hourly weather4, modified the drawers on the left interface5, Internet optimizes data acquisition...

Health calculator

Application backgroundAndroid based mobile applications - the body's health calculator...

Office system of a state owned enterprise

Application backgroundA state-owned enterprise office system, there are many practical functionsThe "to-do reminders", "mail list", "weather forecast", "document management", "schedule", "to do tracking"...


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