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rudp :Simple Reliable UDP。

family:sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19px;white-space:normal;">这是简单可靠的UDP项目(“RUDP”) 该项目由SourceForge.net托管。项目组将其描述为: 面向对象实现了可靠,有序,交通运输在UDP基础上标题为“可靠的UDP”以博瓦,Kri...

FTP Java server and client

Application background The program will consist of a client and a server. The client will need to register itself with the server for the first time using simple credentials (exact details of these credentials are left to you to decide). These credentials will be used by the server...

ALMI :Application-level Multicast Infrastructure

level Multicast Infrastructure Sherlia Shi ( Department of Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis USA Please report bugs and suggestions to...

Chat program using UDP

This is a chat program using UDP. It is done using Java socket programming. The client and server connected over a network can perform chat using this program. UDP is a connectionless protocol. It sends data as datagram packets. The class that supports UDP socket is DatagramSocket which is in th...

Deitel Messenger Case Study

Deitel Java Sockets programming examples, is the source code of Java tutorial at the University, showing the process of sending and receiving a complete message....

File Transfer System

Transfer file from one location to another remote location using TCP client and server protocol.You to give IP of remote pc to transfer files with high speed and also showing the progress bar for transfer.After transferring file transfer complete dialog message will pop at screen of user...

Socket Communications (TCP,UDP)


Chat P2P java netbean

Chat P2P in LAN.Write by java netbeansingle chat, groupchat...File transfer.(**) Each peer will create a fixed port to listen for requests from other peer. IP and port parameters of each peer will be notified to perform the function add friend feature, send a chat request ... When don...

chat room in java

left:.48in;text-align:justify;">üThe concept of lab software was firstappeared  in 2004.üOur project  is related to computer LabüComputer  programming subject are needed inbachelors  or  masters.üProgramming subject involves classteaching,  computer lab work.ü...


size:12.0pt;font-family:"">包转发优先级 (亲民党) 在路由器中是常用的网络运营商的机制之一。亲民党可以有重大的影响,对精度的网络测量、 应用程序的性能和网络故障排除程序的有效性。尽管其潜在的影响,没有亲民党设置...


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