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Chat P2P java netbean

Chat P2P in LAN.Write by java netbeansingle chat, groupchat...File transfer.(**) Each peer will create a fixed port to listen for requests from other peer. IP and port parameters of each peer will be notified to perform the function add friend feature, send a chat request ... When don...

chat room in java

chat room application in java ..... if u got problem tell me must i will help u out...... in this socket programming is use. one is server and other is client side.... in this u will connect serveer then it start working...üThe concept of lab software was firstappeared  in 2004.üOur project&n...


Packet forwarding prioritization (PFP) in routers is one of the mechanisms commonly available to network operators. PFP can have a significant impact on the accuracy of network measurements, the performance of applications and the effectiveness of network troubleshooting procedures. Despite its...

Server to serve multiple simultaneous clients by using threads

server to serve multiple simultaneous clients byusing threads.  Each time a clientconnects to the server, create a thread to process the client requests. client program that causes your server to somehowbecome effectively or completely unresponsive....

LAN chat room

Application backgroundThis is the LAN based chat rooms, belonging to the group chat, open the server, using the servers to transmit messages between the client, to achieve multi LAN chat, private chat yet to achieve, please forgive meKey TechnologySocket network programming, the use of input and out...


Pour programmer une application client-serveur, il est commode dʼutiliser les sockets (disponibles en particulier sous Unix). Les sockets fournissent une interface qui permet dʼutiliser facilement les protocoles de transport TCP et UDP Une socket est simplement un moyen de désigner lʼextrémi...

chat server

 The client-server model isstill used today on the Internet, where a user may connectto a service operating on a remote system through the internet protocolsuite. Web browsers areclients that connect to web servers andretrieve web pages for display. Most people use e-mail clients to retrieve th...

UDP P2P penetration

NAT (Network Address Translators), network address translator: network address translation is produced under the increasing lack of IP addresses, its main purpose is to be able to address to reuse. NAT is divided into two major categories, basic NAT and NAPT (Network Address/Port Translator).Initial...


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