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RIP with dynamic approach


Client Server Chat

size:16px;">In this project is represented simple java client server chat, With using simple self write protocol.  Also is used MVC pattern....

game boom in LAN

size: 14px; line-height: 21px; color: rgb(43, 43, 43); font-family: arial, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">按空间发射,发射,没有拍摄任何更多的炸弹。子弹能杀死敌人,做炸弹被放置,但不是坏了。按Z炸弹面前,而不是在脚下。按X把炸弹扔...

Adminstrative control through LAN

align:justify;"> 该项目涉及通过特定网络连接的各种终端系统的功能。这提高了管理员的工作效率,还可以减少物理工作应变而不仅仅是对用户而且对管理员。它还可以用于减少不必要的功耗在一个组织中。 其协作体系结构...

socket programming

Chatting application is very important in java programming. You just understanding algorithm of socket to created this program. Many program using socket programming at his program. Socket programming usefull to connected one computer to other computer....

AES Encrypt


Example of Multicast Socket

Multicast merupakan komunikasi di mana hanya anggota grup yang dapat menerima dan mengirim pesan, seperti video conference.  Untuk memulai komunikasi multicast, harus terbentuk dulu suatu grup multicast. Setiap host/titik pada jaringan yang ingin bergabung, harus mendaftarkan diri dahul...

Chat application source code

Application backgroundSimple chat source code, in java language.  I was created with GUI( Java Swing, AWT)...  To make good interface. just many hundreds lines to make this chat.  So easy to understand. You can use it for learning on socket programming. All in this source code was ori...


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