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IBE(Identity Based Encryption)

family:Arial;font-size:14px;line-height:26px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">基于身份标识的加密算法 IBE 由Shamir于1984年首先提出。这种加密算法的基本思想是公钥可以是任何唯一的字符串 ,如 email地址 、身份证或其他标志,它的优点...

Symmetric Searchable Encryption

round schemes. In particular, the work performed by the server per returned document is constant as opposed to linear in the size of the data.Both solutions enjoy stronger security guarantees than previous constant-round schemes. In fact, we point out subtle but serious problems with previous notion...

Online ticket booking

Online travel ticket booking is made in Java J2EE technology.The portal is help to book ticket by internet. The database is in Oracle, the struts 1.x framewok is used.The various user has various role in ticket booking process the admin has full control on the website.He can add agent,ad...

Websocket Instant Messaging


PKI encryption applet

size:16px;">One to apply for the certificate, use encrypt encryption algorithms such as RSA demo applet. Easy to learn PKI system....

k nearest neighbour

Nearest 的邻居 (KNN) 的评论,我终于到使 Java 版本的代码。...

Online Shopping Cart

this the online shopping cart system in which user can use all the servlet concept .and can purchase the item through online . based on the quality of your source codes and the description. Low quality, duplicate codes or poor described will be deleted.......

sipcode tset

SIP Testorg.eclipse.jdt.core.javabuilderorg.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature ...

Tic tac toe in Java

Its a normal game known as tic tac toe. It is implemened in Java. Its so easy to understand it.  It uses Artificial Intelligence of CPU. Its a 1 player game & the second player is the computer itself....

library management system

size:14px;">This file contains library management system project in has all facilities like issuing book,returning book,renewing book,and paying fine or due with cash or credit is a good working project with all facilites included in it....

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