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Saliency detection model based on wavelet low-frequency sub-bands

This is the source code of paper "A Saliency Detection Model Using Low-Level Features Based on Wavelet Transform" . It runs very well. The effect of the saliency map detected using wavelet saliency detection is very good....


fire detection based on the moving detection and fire s features....

GA crossovers

GA crossovers that can be used in GA algorithms and can be operated as functions attached to main program of GA...

Based on the three-dimensional reconstruction of multiple images

This is based on multiple images of three-dimensional reconstruction program, the source is the MATLAB program, through multi-angle shooting multiple images of the same object, the object reconstructed by the program algorithm, and finally get a three-dimensional model, Reconstruction has been teste...



Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Stages using Digital Fundus Images using Imaging

Diabetic-related eye disease is a major cause of preventable blindness in the world. It is a complication of diabetes which can also affect various parts of the body. When the small blood vessels have a high level of glucose in the retina, the vision will be blurred and can cause blindness eventu...

Image edge detection using ant colony algorithm

This is the Matlab source code of image edge detection using ant colony algorithm. It has detailed annotations and easy to understand. Hope you will like it....

Dispersion curve calculation rod structure and tubular structures

This program will rod structure and tube structure of frequency bulk curve solution integrated to together, just to change structure of both inside and outside radius size on can obtained above two species structure of frequency bulk curve, such as Dang take within RADIUS a=0, outside RADIUS b=c, is...

Introduction of Calman filter and its algorithm implementation code (C++/C/MATLAB)

Application background Calman filter profile    some of the issues that have been found in recent days are very interesting.. So here, I hope to try my best to discuss with you some of the algorithm. Now to talk about some of the Kalman filter, if time permits, and I hope to be able t...

Large scale MIMO channel estimation algorithm

Application backgroundThis code is the channel estimation algorithm in large-scale MIMO, including the mainstream LS, MMSE, LMMSE and other algorithms. On the learning channel estimation has a great reference value, it is worth downloading.Key TechnologyMIMO channel estimation algorithm has a large...

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