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A Model of Saliency

A Model of Saliency-Based Visual Attention for Rapid Scene

To a voice

To a voice-based sinusoidal model when long treble Mandarin correction algorithm applied to adjust the rhythm...


on OFDM system in AWGN channel (BPSK modulation) signal-to-noise ratio analysis....

Image format conversion

Function drawing function of Matlab is a powerful, but its graphics is only available for images, and to some extent limits the exchange of data. Through this code can be converted to DXF format for subsequent modeling....

Iridium satellite system simulation

MATLAB simulation of special mobile communication system bis   Iridium satellite system...

code for arranging

I have an array 'A' of size 50 x 10 filled with doubles.I want to arrange each row in ascending order to get a new array 'B' but I want to create a third array 'C' where I keep track of the index from original array 'A'...

Handle calendar

you can use it to recognize the writing numbers As with the paper writing experience, and has the advantages of digital equipment (such as Gouchu, real-time results are given...). Manual for solving mathematical equ...

Image fusion, bilateral filtering

For image fusion, the effect can be run relatively short time. You can say that both the time and the results. Most still can. Need can try....

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