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Pazen window estimate MATLAB source code (with sample test set KN, neighbor estimator for comparison)

Contents: 1. the distribution of samples. Mvnrnd using MATLAB's function, given the mean and covariance matrix as well as the distribution of samples to obtain samples. The function principle is actually using probability density function of the normal distribution random to generate a series of ran...

Optimization design of PID controller based on Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm

Optimization design of PID controller based on Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, this program mainly focuses on control system PID parameter optimization based on Particle Swarm Optimization design method of PID control improvements. Select the objective function of the control system, the cont...

Based on PSO (PSO) of the micro-grid capacity optimization programs

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, also known as particle swarm optimization algorithms (Particle Swarm Optimization), abbreviations for PSO, is developed in recent years, a new kind of evolutionary algorithms (Evolutionary Algorithm-EA). PSO algorithm belongs to evolution algorithm of a, and si...

Three dimensional cloud data reconstruction

Matlab code, three-dimensional reconstruction of point cloud data, by three-dimensional triangulation techniques, in Matlab, you can output points cloud patch, but also good. Package in the source code, test data, to share  ...

Simulated annealing genetic algorithm

Simulated annealing and genetic algorithm to optimize a function, function and the optimal value is as follows, using the simulated annealing algorithm with reverse lookup capability, able to jump out of a local optimum value....

Matlab Doppler radar signal simulation

Application backgroundThe application background is the basic process of the pulse Doppler radar signal processing, including signal processing (Gauss white noise), signal processing (MTI processing, constant false alarm), etc..Key Technology& nbsp; & nbsp; s3.m is pulse Doppler radar signal process...

The mutation of genetic algorithm is introduced into the particle swarm optimization algorithm to improve particle swarm optimization algorithm.

Application backgroundFor intelligent computation and optimization theory, genetic algorithm and particle swarm algorithm are modern bionic optimization algorithm, but both are different, the core of the genetic algorithm is that the mutation and crossover, the core of the particle swarm algorithm i...

一个薄板样条模型(thin plate spline)matlab源代码

A thin plate spline model (thin plate spline) matlab source code...


Kalman filtering and some of the relevant deformation filtering algorithm...

贝叶斯算法(matlab编写) 安装,添加目录 /home/ai2/murphyk/matlab/FullBNT...

Bayesian algorithm (Matlab preparation) installed, add directory/home/ai2/murphyk/matlab/FullBNT...

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