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Design of radar target tracking simulation system based on LabView

Application background1. Understanding the background, significance and research status of the subject (radar target tracking simulation system);2, learning LabVIEW, MATLAB and radar target tracking system and other related knowledge, familiar with the basic concepts and basic principles of radar ta...

Human activity recognition

This is a foreigner write a human behavior recognition program, after test runs, which contains the database you want, the whole process running, debugging step is also stated very clearly, for human behavior recognition of beginners to have huge implications, weiaman human behavior is using the dat...

Segmentation algorithm of pulmonary nodules

Single layer usage of chest CT images segmentation of lung...

Genetic algorithm based neural network training source

6 variable input using genetic algorithms, 50, a hidden layer, 3 output variables constitute the neural network model for training, that contains the source data and source code, you can directly modify the application....

Meme algorithm pseudocode

Memetic is a highly efficient evolution calculation method, this example shows the Rosenbroek function, for example, you can add other functions to test it. -memetic cultural evolution is an efficient method of calculating the sample to Rosenbroek function as an example of the presentation, you can...

AdaBoost algorithm of face detection procedures

Prepared by the MATLAB programming language based on adaboost algorithm for fast and efficient face detection, very high reference valueMATLAB colour detection with adaboost algorithm of human face feature extraction program...

Matlab prepared by the contour based maximum mutual information image registration algorithm

Matlab prepared by the contour based maximum mutual information image registration algorithm...

Bayesian network structure learning Toolbox

The Toolbox includes a characteristically Bayesian network learning method, and compare the performance of these methods through an instance and compares these methods for Bayesian classification accuracy of                &n...

A Membrane Computing inspired Genetic Algorithm

Membrane computing isa new field of computer science under natural computing introduced by Paun Gh.about a decade ago. P system, as it is sometimes called, has some inherent benefitswhich include communication ability and parallelism advantage. Membrane Computing uses some rules for its operations....

Ant Colony Optimization(ACO) for Travelling salesman problem (TSP)

This code uses ACO method to solve TSP. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

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