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Spherical projection

Spherical projection, image mapping of spatial data to the target coordinates, with test images and MATLAB code, run no problem...


Kalman filtering and some of the relevant deformation filtering algorithm...

Compressive sensing reconstruction algorithm

There are many compressed sensing (CS) recovery algorithms that have been proposed. Here I list some of them, and provide the corresponding experimental results. Essentially, the recovery algorithms are similar to the sparse coding based on the over-complete dictionary...

Nonlinear system modeling in BP Neutral network - Non-linear function fitting

This is the implementation of non-linear fitting via a simple quadratic polynomial with two variables, as close to the real value as desired. Beginner may find it helpful....

Based on an improved MPPT algorithm simulation of golden section method

In view of the maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic power generation system technology is improving the efficiency of photovoltaic technologies, online method of short circuit current and based on golden section method, proposing a new MPPT algorithm, namely improved golden section method....

Image restoration algorithm based on dictionary learning

Application backgroundDictionary learning image restoration, the idea of using dictionary learning, which is now very popular a learning field, the use of MATLAB and the repair effect is very good, to learn sparse said and dictionary learning and so on field have a certain help, welcome everyone to...

elliptic partial differential equation algorithm applied to solving rectangular...

elliptic partial differential equation algorithm applied to solving rectangular region, arbitrary boundary conditions....

Solution of large

Solution of large-scale linear equations of the preconditioned GMRES method. Coefficient matrix can be non-symmetric positive definite....

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