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Finite element analysis program for learning the structure of finite element in the application of good use...


Non-linear multi-resolution signal decomposition, papers and matlab code...


By bivalent programming spectrum analysis, signal processing inside the sample rate and sample length on the impact of fft analysis done sharply...


independent component analysis, the use of this procedure can be extracted ICA...


A simple calculator program to carry out simple mathematical calculations are correct...

Scientific Computing in the conjugate gradient method symmetric positive definit...

Scientific Computing in the conjugate gradient method symmetric positive definite solution of linear equations....

Gear breaking analysis

Sparse decomposition analysis of tooth broken cause of verified in MATLAB can be good running order for the analysis, and...


this work present digital watermarking using wong, In previous work, Wong had proposed both secret key10 and public key11 watermarking schemes for image authentication that can detect and localized any change made to a watermarked image. The techniques proposed were block-based, that is, they p...

Pattern recognition matlab

Application backgroundThe license plate recognition technology can extract and recognize the vehicle license plate from complex background. Through the technology of license plate recognition, image preprocessing, feature extraction, license plate character recognition, the recognition rate can reac...


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