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filter design using gui

design of butterworth and 2pole ,and design of fir and iir filter using matlab using gui tool. It's a sptool used to analysis the signal in the form of griphics. The minimum order of the filter is 2 and the maximum order is 10....

GUI serial PC

This interface is written using MATLAB's GUI, simple GUI operation, no VC is so difficult. This interface is a complete set himself to do, and a self-balancing Chile car communication, control parameters can be sent to the car, the car angle and displacement data is sent to the host computer plotted...

Camera capture under Matlab

Camera capture developed under Matlab. It includes TreeView List control. And you can store the image you want!...


space:nowrap;">函数 data_out = kernelpca_tutorial(data_in,num_dim) % 此函数不会主成分分析 (非线性) 上 %给定 使用内核技巧 %数据集 % %Data_out = kernelpca_tutorial(Data_in,Num_Dim) % %Data_in-输入数据 (d (尺寸) X N (# 点) %Num_dim-输出数据的维...

matlab image processing

Image processing using matlab by reading raw data and converting to image. Also resizing image into desired size....


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