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image steganography Using DWT

Steganographyis a one of the technique for information hiding. With the help ofsteganography people can communicate secretly. It involves communicating secretdata in an appropriate multimedia carrier such as Text, Image, audio, and videofiles. The main motive of steganography is to ensure that the t...

brain tumor Segmentation

Now-a-days medicalimage processing is more emerging and popular field. Processing of MRI imagesis one of the parts of this field. This paper describes the proposed strategyto detect & extraction of brain tumour from patient’s MRI scan images ofthe brain. This method incorporates with some nois...

image fusion

In computer vision, Multisensor Image fusion is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single image.The resulting image will be more informative than any of the input images.[2]In remote sensing applications, the increasing availability of space borne sensors gi...

Match histograms

Used to compare two histograms of input/query images.the histogram of a database image will be compared with the histogram of input image and if a match is found both the images are appended using the imappend command ..this can be helpful in comparing two images in american sign language recognitio...

Spectral clustering algorithms

Written using MATLAB interface files can be completed using conventional spectral clustering image segmentation, time series data, including full adjacency graph, adjacency graph k, k segmentation algorithms such as adjacency graph...

AM modulated signal.

AM modulated signal. calculates and plots the signal and the spectrum of this, also the envelope of the modulated signal. We can see the carrier signal and modulating the sign modulating the carrier frequency and modulation index....

Related to image processing.

Is to develop a model code matlab GUI is an application that involves the use of learning styles xcs classification. Related to image processing...


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