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arrow plot

arrow plot matlab code % ARROW  Draw a line with an arrowhead. % %  ARROW(Start,Stop) draws a line with an arrow from Start to Stop (points %        should be vectors of length 2 or 3, or matrices with 2 or 3 %      &n...

Principal components analysis

Very good, as a basis, some major code in it, expressed through a different chart. Principal component analysis on matlab_GUI program, and principal component scores are principal component coefficient matrix coefficients-Matlab_GUI principal component analysis procedure, the coefficient matrix of p...

Image processing

On a GUI for image processing, you can achieve a variety of format picture to read, gray value, equalization, filtering, using edge detection, edge detection, log CANDY Laplacian edge detection method for detection of picture....

Related to image processing

This is to develop a model code matlab GUI is an application that involves the use of learning styles xcs  classification. Related to image processing....

Matlab Latihan

It is better to search on the website before submission to avoid sumbitting identical or similar source codes.If you can not find the language in the language list, please select "other".Keep tags short, precise and complete, please use only "," to seperate.If there are codes in...

fuzzy logic control of dc motor

this projects deals with fuzzy logic control of dc motor. There are many ways of speed control of motor techniques are there, out of which fuzzy logic control is the most accurate controller....

Walking delaunay code in GUI matlab with example data

this code generate walking delaunay in GUI matlab by sample data and have two function and one main code , functions are Data structure and walking separately...

video satblization gui

removethe effect of camera motion from a video stream,first define the target to track. Inthis case, it is the back of a car and the license plate. We also establish adynamic search region, whose position is determined by the last known targetlocation. We then search for the target only within this...

Image Filtering

It consists of 4 different filters and a input image. Based on the selected filter input image changes its visual appearance to that of a filter....

DCT based image Compression

This code gives u compression using DCT for Color Image. This code is GUI based code.1. This compression system is totally basedon DCT. This system used for compressing colorimages. In second block there is conversion of colorto grayscale image, t5.     4.  6.  &nb...


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