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基于sift的图像复制粘贴篡改检测方法,首先提取出sift特征,这里提取的sift特征是用c++代码提取的,然后进行g2nn匹配和 凝聚层次聚类 ,最后根据仿射变换参数标出篡改区域。并用连线的方式将真实区域和复制粘贴篡改...


Matlab Toolbox for Undersampled MRI Reconstruction with Contourlet Transform。 This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the sparse sampling and reconstructioin of MRI with contourlet transform described in paper:Iterative thresholding compressed sensing MRI based on contourlet transform...

Sift-based image copy-and-paste forgery techniques


Building extraction from Lidar based on planar fitting image

Building extraction from LiDAR images, the most important thing is to get rid of tall trees. In this project through the Planar fitting remove the LiDar image, the tall trees, and buildings by region growing method to get the object....

MATLAB image edge-detection operator integration

in edge by MATLAB function image edge But lighter than the single operators have an edge Sobel,Prewitt,Roberts by three effects similar operators get the edge adds up...

Stereo matching


Kmeans function is used in the Hsi color space for color image segmentation

size:16px;">Using the library function in MATLAB kmeans as well as color space conversion function hsi2rgb and rgb2hsi complete color image segmentation...

System modeling and identification based on BP neural network prediction and simulation of MATLAB programs

summary" sizset="40" sizcache="3">基于BP神经网络对带有噪声的二阶系统的辨识预测,采用典型的三层网络拓扑结构即输入层、隐含层和输出层,利用最小均方误差和梯度下降法,通过误差的反向传播来不断调整系统的权值阈值,使网络输出...

DS evidence theory

space:nowrap;">:D-S证据理论的MATLAB代码函数文件 根据D-S理论,可以进行模式分类,消除不确定性。并附有能量检测的D-S判断函数文件、自己论文里的代码,希望对你有用...

MATLAB image registration procedures

space:nowrap;">代码如下: BilinearInterplate.m ComputeOutImSize.m LinearT.m size_position.m pout.bmp 实现了图像变换配准...


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