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Defocus blur removal

For a pair of defocus type photos, choose the appropriate method to blur (1) the LAPLACE filter of fuzzy graph g, get x (2), to the autocorrelation of x to get o (3) o search corresponds to the minimum value of the ring in order to weaken the ringing effect, use the edgetaper function to blur image...

6 kinds of regional integration method

Region-based wavelet transform fusion method is mainly based on regional energy, regional variance, the largest in this region several ways....

Target tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter

Tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter object, using matlab implementation, has been verified, the effect is good, with material....

Image quality evaluation

A blind image evaluation method, any input can be make a quantitative assessment of image quality, better for later image processing, very effective, expert wrote this algorithm....

MATLAB image feature extraction of actual combat

Application backgroundMATLAB image feature extraction, image recognition, segmentation, edge detectionKey TechnologyColor image processing segmentation, histogram segmentation and clustering segmentation...

SIFT Flow source

While image alignment has been studied in different areas of computer vision for decades, aligning images depicting different scenes remains a challenging problem. Analogous to optical flow where an image is aligned to its temporally adjacent frame, we propose SIFT flow, a method to align an image t...

2D view restores the 3D structure

3D structure is recovered by 2D view of two different angles and the same contents....

Key frame extraction Euler distance method

MATLAB language, based on the calculation of the Euler distance between video frames to extract the key frame operation...

Key frame extraction K-mean method

Based on K-mean, it is the key frame extraction method of extracting the K value method....

Bayesian based facial expression recognition

Application backgroundBayesian based facial expression recognition is very clear and easy to understand...


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