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6 kinds of regional integration method

family:宋体;">Region-based wavelet transform fusion method is mainly based on regional energy, regional variance, the largest in this region several ways....

Image quality evaluation


Sub-pixel edge detection

Digital Image edge detection for image segmentation, image analysis areas such as object recognition, shape extraction Very important basis. At the time of image understanding and analysis, the first step is often the edge detection. At present, the Edge detection has become one of the most active...

Gaussian mixture model, goal difference Adaptive background model

In Gaussian mixture background model based on segmented by Gaussian mixture before and after the match the two frames of moving object for differential, difference based on mixture Gaussian again after match resolution out of the target area in the past, and the current target area. In the backgroun...

Application of wavelet transform in image denoising

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">阈值去噪的基本思想:含有一定噪声的图像经过小波变换后,图像的主要信息都将集中在小波域的低频子带, 而(白)噪声是均匀地分布在所有的小波系数上的。当对小波域的高频子带的系数进行取...

Support value conversion program,

SPACE: nowrap">支撑值变换程序,该程序的主要功能是将图像做支撑值变换,变换所得的分解图提取了图像的显著性信息  73205449SVT...

The most useful background modeling

It's about Simple Flow source, is a new kind of optical flow computation procedures, computation of optical flow of ill-posed nature has a better effect, the author added some local operations and linear methods for high resolution images with good results...



Detect whether anyone in the face of the image code

transform:none="" text-indent:0px="" letter-spacing:normal="" word-spacing:0px="" white-space:pre-wrap="" word-wrap:break-word="" font-size-adjust:none="" font-stretch:normal="" background-color:="" ffffff="" -webkit-text-stroke-width:0px="" id="answer-content-1258280963" class="answer-text mb-10" a...


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