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Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....

Paintings of edge detection code

3 suitable for paintings proposed algorithm of edge detection. Algorithm is the core of the petroglyphs of brightness and color information, integrates with the nonlinear bilateral filtering technology, detect edges by Canny Sobel gradient and operator. Finally, by representative numerical experimen...

Key frame extraction color feature method

Key frame extraction method based on color feature extraction for MATLAB language...

Phase model

Phase congruency is an illumination and contrast invariant measure of feature significance. Unlike gradient based feature detectors, which can only detect step features, phase congruency correctly detects features at all kind of phase angle, and not just step features having a phase angle of 0 or 18...

The research of storage coal quantity

This paper studies the problem is how to determine the amount of stored coal, the difference with the common method, according to the table of calorific value and density of a list of data, without considering the influence of oth...


COMMANDE des systemes dynamique hybride à 2modes. commutation entre deux modes. detection des instants de commutation...

Carve video files into a continuous sequence of frames

First read in video sequences, access to the total number of frames, and then it reads and finally read on each of the frames to be written to the specified path, and specifies the name of each image....

Image segmentation technology

Edge of the image is one of the most basic features of an image, edge-based segmentation method can be  said that the people of the earliest research methods, image segmentation algorithm combination in the  opening and closing operation, the use of secondary operations can be...

Double the number of complex wavelet

Double the number of complex wavelet transform and image denoising...

Log-polar transform

Application code three functions to achieve image from Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates logarithmic conversion, you can enter your own scale transformation, transform, transform graphics and other parameters....


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