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sparse clustering

space: nowrap;">Sparse Subspace Clustering稀疏子空间聚类(SSC) 当对立或者随机噪声加入到未标记的输入数据点上时, 当作对整体低纬度自空间的谎言...

Add matrix algorithm

For image restoration, you can extract image features, you can save can longer be modified on the basis of the code streamlined and features powerful. Download this East is very good Oh, comes from a professional project team, code is very powerful, and forwarding, and proliferation of, integratingT...

protein structure prediction by using neural network and support vector machine

Predicting the structure of proteins is important in biochemistry because the 3D structure can be determined from the local folds that are found in secondary structures. Moreover, knowing the tertiary structure of proteins can assist in determining their functions. The objective of this thesis is to...

Simple Single Carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA) Simulator

FDMA系统的基带仿真器。这个仿真器是《单载波FDMA:一个长期演进的空中接口》(Wiley, 2008.11)书中的一部分。这个仿真器的目的是给读者一个具体的概念,了解SC-FDMA是怎么工作的。它还缺少很多现实和复杂的功能,比如信道编码...

Hand off in heterogeneous network

size:14px;">此文件是用于调查移交在 LTE 网络的过程。在这个项目中被认为是缓慢和平坦衰落。...

Speed closed loop control of permanent magnet synchronous motor


Simulation of robot control using genetic algorithm optimized neural networks


Simulation of GPS system (capture + tracking + analysis)

domain, frequency-locked-for-and phase-locked loop, satellite acquisition, tracking, and analysis of a variety of functions;...

Then LTE_RACH access channel


standalone PV system with battery

The Conventional sources of energy are rapidly depleting. Moreover the cost of energy is rising and therefore  standalone  photovoltaic system is a promising alternative. They are abundant, pollution free and distributed throughout the earth. The hindrance factor is its powe...

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