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Active cruise control system based on MATLAB

Application backgroundBased on MATLAB active cruise control system, the article from the vehicle dynamic unit control angle analysis, the two degree of freedom single track model to construct the system, then matlabsimulink by P, PI, PID of signal acquisition and processing, thus obtains the optimal...

avr based fire fighting

Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a most promising technique for using channel efficiency. Multiple access interference (MAI) is a limiting factor for the capacity of CDMA system. Proposed design is based on the step by step practical implementation of matched filter (MF) detection and min...

ELD Project

Solution to Economic Dispatch by Equal Incremental Cost CriterionIntroductionEconomic load dispatch problem is allocating loads to plants    for minimum cost while meeting the constraints. It is formulated as an optimization problem of minimizing the total fuel cost of all committed plant...


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