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simple viterbi decoder by using matlab

generally operated Viterbi decoder. 1. the number of memory (ex: 3) 2. polynomials (ex : g1=[1 0 1 1], g2=[1, 1, 1, 1]) 3. frame number (ex : 200) 4. frame length (ex : 60)  can be changed....

Image processing

This source code is used to do compression of image by either large blocks or small blocks. This is very professional code and can be used as a base for for compressing images using other techniques....

The implementation of a tuner in MATLAB environment

In music it is essential, that the instruments are properly tuned, they have to sound very clean alone or together with other instruments. For the tuning procedure we need an accurate, real-time and easy-to-handle tuner. Before the implementation I have examined the attributes of guitars...

Finite Impulse Response program in signal processing

This is a matlab program  in dsp using windowing techniques- fir windows. Here the various windowing techniques have been analysed and the graphs are plotted. The user can switch over from Hamming, Hanning, Blackmann windows to obtain the corresponding outputs. They can give the options to sele...

Signal Smoothing

Let s[n] be the signal corrupted by a random noise d[n] resulting in the noisy signal x[n] = s[n]+ d[n] . The objective is to operate on x[n] to generate a signal y[n] which is a reasonable approximation to s[n]. A simple approach is to generate an output sample by averaging a number of inpu...

Automatic Speech Recognition Toolbox package with mandarin speech examples

An ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Toolbox package, containing three toolboxes for instant demo capability with mandarin speech examples included. The toolboxes inside the package are :ASR toolbox- for speech recognition tools and functions, along with mandarin speech examples, based on HTK (Hidd...

Series RLC

tofind diffrent parameters such as inductance resonance frequency of series RLC circuit...

calculate Area of circle, temprature, and logic design

calculate Area of circle by entering diffrent redius of circles, compute temprature as degree celcius to franhite , and logic design for 3 value variable...

Measuring the phase difference between the two signals Matlab

I found a code on the Internet, you also need to be wanted. The code function is to measure the phase difference between the two signals. Gave an example of code can refer to....

Elliptic filter (Bilinear method)

Bilinear method for elliptic filter functions of MATLAB source code, containing low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop four filters....


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