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simple viterbi decoder by using matlab

generally operated Viterbi decoder. 1. the number of memory (ex: 3) 2. polynomials (ex : g1=[1 0 1 1], g2=[1, 1, 1, 1]) 3. frame number (ex : 200) 4. frame length (ex : 60)  can be changed....

Image processing

This source code is used to do compression of image by either large blocks or small blocks. This is very professional code and can be used as a base for for compressing images using other techniques....

The implementation of a tuner in MATLAB environment

In music it is essential, that the instruments are properly tuned, they have to sound very clean alone or together with other instruments. For the tuning procedure we need an accurate, real-time and easy-to-handle tuner. Before the implementation I have examined the attributes of guitars...

Finite Impulse Response program in signal processing

size:14px;">这是在 dsp 使用视窗技术 fir windows 的 matlab 程序。这里的各种窗口技术进行了分析并绘制图表。用户可以从汉宁,切换 Blackmann windows 来获得相应的产出。他们可以给选项来选择窗口技术。这是根据有限冲激响应窗口技术...

Signal Smoothing

size:14px;"> x[n] = s[n]+ d[n] . The objective is to operate on x[n] to generate a signal y[n] which is a reasonable approximation to s[n]. A simple approach is to generate an output sample by averaging a number of input samples around the sample at instant n. Signal Smoothing...

Automatic Speech Recognition Toolbox package with mandarin speech examples

语音识别工具和功能,以及汉语语音的例子,基于HTK(隐马尔可夫模型工具包。SAP工具箱- 用于音频信号处理的基体的功能和工具的语音内容的信息检索。实用工具箱- 接口和ASR和SAP实例图形演示。它已经过测试基于Matlab8.1,通...

Series RLC


calculate Area of circle, temprature, and logic design



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