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simple viterbi decoder by using matlab

generally operated Viterbi decoder. 1. the number of memory (ex: 3) 2. polynomials (ex : g1=[1 0 1 1], g2=[1, 1, 1, 1]) 3. frame number (ex : 200) 4. frame length (ex : 60)  can be changed....

The implementation of a tuner in MATLAB environment

In music it is essential, that the instruments are properly tuned, they have to sound very clean alone or together with other instruments. For the tuning procedure we need an accurate, real-time and easy-to-handle tuner. Before the implementation I have examined the attributes of guitars...

Signal Smoothing

size:14px;"> x[n] = s[n]+ d[n] . The objective is to operate on x[n] to generate a signal y[n] which is a reasonable approximation to s[n]. A simple approach is to generate an output sample by averaging a number of input samples around the sample at instant n. Signal Smoothing...


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